Dailypay Recognized for Best Marketing and PR at 2022 ADP Marketplace Partner Summit

editor May 17, 2022
Updated 2022/06/08 at 8:36 PM

DailyPay, the country’s most trusted* earned wage access provider, has been recognized at the 2022 ADP Marketplace Partner Summit for “Best Marketing and PR” for their thought leadership efforts including blogs, bylines, case studies, videos, industry event activation, and social media engagement surrounding earned wage access.

Partnering with America’s largest employers, DailyPay’s proprietary technology provides millions of American workers the opportunity to access their earned income as they earn it. With the power of choice and control over their earned pay, employees are able to pay bills, spend, save, or invest on their own schedule without waiting for an arbitrary payday.

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Named a Platinum Partner and listed as a Bestseller on ADP Marketplace, the DailyPay earned wage access solution integrates with most ADP platforms, resulting in turnkey implementation for ADP clients. Research shows that employees are able to better manage their financial lives with DailyPay benefits. By providing benefits to employees, organizations can leverage themselves amongst others in a challenging labor market. Using DailyPay benefits can help:

  • Attract top talent and reduce turnover in competitive labor markets
  • Improve productivity by alleviating financial stress, which can be a distraction at work
  • Maintain payroll integrity with no additional withholding, paper statements, funding or money movement required

DailyPay, powered by its industry-leading technology platform, is on a mission to build a new financial system. Partnering with some of America’s best-in-class employers, including Dollar Tree and Adecco, DailyPay is the recognized gold-standard in on-demand pay. Through its massive data network, proprietary funding model and connections into over 6,000 endpoints in the banking system, DailyPay works to ensure that money is always in the right place at the right time for employers, merchants and financial institutions. DailyPay is building technology and the mindset to reimagine the way money moves, from the moment work starts. DailyPay is headquartered in New York City, with operations based in Minneapolis.

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