Wyplay and Hoppr Create Targeted Advertisement Solutions With New Monetization Opportunities For TV operators

editor May 13, 2022
Updated 2022/06/08 at 8:42 PM

● New type of non-intrusive targeted advertisements
● Available on various STB operating systems: ATV, RDK and most Linux systems
● Creating new monetization opportunities

Wyplay, a global TV Professional Services and Video Platform Solution provider and Hoppr, an Australian advertising technology innovator, are launching new targeted ad solutions for operators.

Media has changed a lot throughout the years. In the past, standard ad campaigns were broad and lacked the sophisticated targeting and segmentation capabilities that are available with today’s tools. According to an Accenture report on personalization and advertising, 83% of people are now more willing to give their data to a brand they trust if the experience is satisfying to them.

Hoppr revolutionizes Digital TV advertising with new opportunities for operators to generate revenue by deploying programmatic advertisements and promotions in new and engaging formats. Programmatic advertising campaigns powered by the Hoppr Ad platform are seamlessly integrated into navigation interfaces as consumers move from one entertainment experience to another. Hoppr can also support pre-roll and mid-roll advertisements.

With the Hoppr Ad platform, Wyplay provides new monetization opportunities to TV Operators. Wyplay has pre-integrated Hoppr Ad Platform in its PREMIUM user experience and it’s available on multiple STB operating systems such as AndroidTV, RDK or Linux.

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“Hoppr brings non-intrusive new ad monetization mechanisms which can increase operators’ revenues with a seamless experience for their subscribers,” said Dominique FERAL, CSMO Wyplay. He added, “Hoppr technology with Wyplay Professional Services expertise is a perfect combination for Tier1 TV operators.”

Wyplay’s middleware and premium UX solutions offer consumers enhanced experiences as consumers navigate and enjoy content from the wide array of streaming service providers. Hoppr and Wyplay solutions work in harmony to deliver engaging advertising in multiple formats while delivering improved targeting and measurement for Pay TV operators,” explains Cyril Daoud, CEO for Hoppr.

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