Aki Technologies Launches Division to Focus on Automotive

editor May 13, 2022
Updated 2022/06/08 at 8:42 PM

Leader in Personalized Advertising Taps Katherine Herb to Head New Division

Aki Technologies, an Inmar Intelligence company and the leader in moment marketing and personalized advertising, has hired Katherine Herb to be Senior Sales Lead of Automotive to spearhead its newly-created vertical division. Katherine’s extensive experience in the industry is expected to prove vital in enabling automotive marketers to best reach their audiences with personalized advertisements during optimal moments of receptivity.

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“Our team has successfully expanded into new verticalized divisions, including travel, retail and CPG. As we look to do the same with automotive, Katherine is the perfect choice to lead this charge,” said Aki Technologies CRO Todd Benedict. “Katherine addresses automotive marketers’ most unique and pressing challenges. We are thrilled to welcome her to our team and are confident she will take our personalization offering and client success to the next level.”

The automotive industry is in a position to experience significant growth as marketers look to capitalize on increasing conversion opportunities. Coming off the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic, automotive experienced a 20.5% increase in digital advertising spending in 2021 and is expected to see another 13.7% jump in 2022, per Insider Intelligence. Aki’s unique moment-based approach allows brands, agencies and retailers across the automotive space unparalleled scalable precision. Aki is bolstering its automotive offering with the hiring of Katherine who brings decades of expertise and a proven track record of driving results in a variety of automotive-marketing initiatives.

Katherine’s career spans two decades working with leading brands and retailers across the automotive space, as well as online advertising and multimedia networks. Prior to joining Aki, Katherine served for more than eight years as VP of Automotive for Univision Communications Inc. She has worked in an array of additional leadership roles at GoldSpot Media, Metro Networks and TMG Sports Marketing, developing automotive marketing strategies to drive brand awareness and lift and leverage partnerships to maximize ROI.

Aki’s moment-based and personalization technology is ideal for automotive marketers looking to build confidence in the effectiveness of their strategies and the measurement of their results. By reaching consumers in their most receptive moments through the use of privacy-compliant data, automotive marketers can rest assured knowing their campaigns will drive results. Aki’s unique ability to foster consumer engagement throughout the buying process is poised to enable advertisers in the automotive space to maximize their qualified actions and outperform industry benchmarks.

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Aki’s personalization technology can dynamically highlight relevant car features according to variables including current weather conditions or buyer persona. For instance, on a sunny, 70-degree day, Aki could enable automotive marketers’ advertising creative to dynamically promote a vehicle’s sunroof. Whereas, on a rainy day, it could showcase the vehicle’s reliable, weather-proof tires.

Aki’s moment-based technology accounts for prominent automotive challenges, such as changes in the automotive customer journey, by accounting for consumers’ current needs, mindset and the stage of their consideration for a new vehicle.

“A basic advertising strategy does not cut it in today’s automotive landscape. Automotive marketers must make an impact with every single advertising dollar they spend,” says Herb. “I am eager to hit the ground running with Aki to help the industry effectively do just that. Aki has the right integrated personalization tools and technology to seriously enhance the automotive marketing industry. I look forward to being a part of it.”

Prior to officializing the launch of this division, Aki maintained a strong track record of success in automotive. Amid the pandemic, when fewer people were commuting and supply chain restrictions posed challenges for manufacturers and distributors, Aki supported a luxury car brand with a campaign that generated over $13 million in incremental sales and a $12.59 return on advertising spend. Aki also got attention for its ability to drive multicultural engagement for Lexus back in 2018.

Following CPG, retail and travel, automotive is the fourth verticalized division Aki has launched since 2020. Aki’s retail division was recognized with a 2021 Modern Retail Award win in February 2022.

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