Privacy Policy

These privacy policies have been put in place to protect your privacy and to provide you with a secure online experience. Throughout these following points any mention of the term ‘content provider’ refers to a third party who has published an article, white paper, or a report on our domain; the term ‘you’ or ‘user(s)’ refers to the person(s) using this website for research purposes or otherwise, and the term ‘we’ refers to the brand BizmartechB2B.

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Data collection

  • We collect some general information about you when you visit our website. This includes session data, time details, IP address, keywords searched, content viewed, and other general information.
  • We may retain this information for as long as it is deemed necessary by us.
  • We may share non personal information of the user with third party websites.

Cookies policy

  • We use cookies to customize user experience, and also to analyze the effectiveness of the various segments of our website.
  • Users also have the option to browse our website while having cookies disabled.


  • All information we collect about the user is protected both online and offline.
  • We may update or change our privacy policy without any prior notification.
  • If you are part of the European Economic Area’s (EEA), you have a different set of data protection rights, and thus if you wish to be informed regarding what kind of your personal information we have collected from you, along with the removal of it, kindly mail us at


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