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Best Practices For Establishing A New Way To Work: Implementing IBM Connections

Interactively leverage other's interdependent expertise before synergistic collaboration and idea-sharing. Progressively reinvent compelling partnerships for principle-centered markets. Efficiently administrate.

About Whitepaper

This white paper is one of two white papers on the topic of organizing and executing a successful implementation of the IBM® Connections™ collaboration platform in your  enterprise.

Both white papers are intended for those of you who have seen the need for your organization to change and want to learn how to make it happen. The first white paper focused on the benefits for both the organizations and for the employees as target audiences and principles for time planning. This paper outlines practical initiatives to use in a mix suitable to the context and culture of your organization. This is your fast track to IBM Connections adoption in your organization so you can turn collaboration into a new way to work.